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Child Care Provider Resources

The work of a child care provider is one of the hardest, yet most important jobs, and support in doing this work is essential.

Warmline consultants are here to offer consultation, resources, referrals, and tools to help you provide quality care to the children of Oklahoma

Child Development

Knowledge of child development guides educators to creating healthy relationships and building enriching curriculum and environments. It enables an educator to meet a child where they are. Knowledge of development can be an empowering tool.


Working with children requires a provider to have an understanding of brain development, attachment, self-regulation and social-emotional learning.

When challenging behaviors arise a provider needs tools and resources to create a safe, connected, problem-solving environment.

Health & Safety

Creating a safe environment for children is essential for healthy development. Child care providers are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of children inside and outside of the child care setting. Knowledge of health and safety practices prepares a teacher to respond to emergencies, prevent illnesses, and keep children safe.