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QRIS Talking Points For CCS Partners

Who should (re)apply:

  • Any existing program that is One Star Plus and above will need to reapply
  • All programs interested in initial participation in the Stars program will need to apply
  • See application options below (How programs apply)

Who to contact for QRIS assistance:

Call Center

Assist programs with online application questions, triage & refer for other services (below).

(405) 521-6177

CCS Licensing Specialists

First point of contact for provider questions & refer for other services (below).

405-521-3561 or email Childcare.OCCS@okdhs.org

CCS Stars Outreach Specialists

Assist programs with QRIS criteria related to  processing applications

Email QRIS@okdhs.org

CCS and R&R Child Care Coaches

Assist programs meet QRIS criteria & complete QRIS application.

QRIS – I’d Like Coaching Form

R&R Business Specialists

Help Programs Improve Business Practices

Your Local CCRR Agency ESP

CECPD Website

House resources, templates, examples, and training supporting QRIS criteria

CECPD Resources

How programs apply:

1. Online Application

This option requires completion of the online application verifying they meet the star level they are applying for.  When choosing this option, programs complete the online application and submit required documentation to verify required criteria are being met. 

To access the online application go to CCMASS – Child Care Monitoring and Safety Program.

Upon certification, programs are eligible for the following incentives:

  • A learning manipulative kit from Lakeshore Learning Company
  • Voucher to use at Lakeshore Learning Company
  • A three year paid contract for Bright Wheel software for eligible programs
  • Financial incentives     

Programs that do not complete this full online application during the reapplication period (6-1-22 through 11-20-22) are not eligible for the above incentives.

2. Transitional Application

This option allows programs to opt out of the complete application process.  If this option is selected, effective 1-1-23 their star level will be automatically transitioned to the next level up from their current star level (i.e. 1+ transitions to 2, 2 transitions to 3, 3 transitions to 4).  After 1-1-23, the licensing specialist will verify new criteria are being met.  Programs choosing the Transitional Application, will not be eligible for the incentives listed above.

To select this option programs will email QRIS@okdhs.org with subject line “Transitional Application” and license number.  They will indicate in the email that they are requesting a transitional application and their current star level.

  • New applications will be available effective 6/1/2022
  • Continue to use the current Stars application until 5/31/2022

When do programs need to reapply?

Applications will open starting June 1, 2022, and will close on November 30, 2022.

What happens if a program currently participating in Stars doesn’t reapply between June 1 and November 30, 2022?

Any program that does not submit an online application or request a transitional application will be reduced to a 1 star level effective January 1, 2023.

Can a program be a 3, 4, or 5 Star without being accredited?

Yes, there are alternate pathways that programs can take to become a 3, 4, or 5 Star program without being accredited

Will there be a higher subsidy rate for 5 Star programs?